Green Card Through Marriage

Green Card Through Marriage

Are you a United States Citizen, looking to get married to a foreign national or already married to a foreign national? At Dream Law, attorney Sanjay Paul has worked with numerous clients in figuring out the best route to get a green card for a wife or fiance and bring them to the United States in the shortest time period possible.

Obtaining A Green Card For Your Husband Or Wife
If your Spouse is currently in the United States:

If you are a Untied States Citizen and you have married a foreign national who is currently in the United States, the route you take to obtain a green card for your spouse will depend on how your spouse entered the United States. If your spouse entered the United States with inspection, absent any significant criminal history, you will likely be able to obtain their green card in a process known as a one-step adjustment. This involves carefully submitting multiple applications and financial information to the government and preparing an attending a marriage interview with an immigration officer. Attorney Sanjay Paul has represented numerous applicants successfully in this process, including preparing couples for marriage interviews and attending the interviews with clients.

If your spouse entered the United States without inspection however, then he or she will likely need to apply for a waiver based on extreme hardship. In addition, if there are other issues, such as a criminal history, multiple waivers may be required. Contact Dream Law today for a free consultation.

If your Spouse is currently outside the United States:

If your spouse is currently outside the United States, you can submit an application to bring her to the United States and this will involve consular processing, which involves your souse attending an interview at the U.S. Consulate in your spouse’s country. This process requires an experienced attorney to make sure that the documents submitted to the National Visa Center are accurate and that the U.S. Consulate is provided accurate information in a timely manner.

Bringing Your Fiance To The United States

If you are currently engaged to be married, you can bring your spouse to the United States through a fiance visa. This process involves getting married within 90 days of your spouse entering the United States. An Attorney can carefully guide your fiance through the consular processing and also ensure that documents submitted to the government are done in a complete and timely manner.

What Options Are Best For Me

As you can tell, there are numerous ways to obtain a green card for a spouse or fiance. Attorney Sanjay Paul will advise you of the best route to take depending on the facts of your situation. There are several factors that must taken into consideration based on your background and your fiance or spouse’s background. Contact Dream Law today for a free personalized consultation with Attorney Sanjay Paul.

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